Educational guide 2019_20
Facultade de CC. Sociais e da Comunicación
Grao en Comunicación Audiovisual
  Audiovisual networks on the Internet
Code Description
CG3 Ability to apply techniques and procedures of composition of images to the different audiovisual formats, starting with knowledge of the classical laws and the esthetic and cultural movements in the history of the image.
CG4 Ability to present the results of academic works in written and oral forms and through audiovisual and computing means, according to the standards of communication disciplines.
CE22 Ability to manage effectively communication in social media.
CT2 To be able to work in a team and to communicate one’s ideas through the creation of an appropriate environment.
CT3 To be able to take expressive and thematic risks, suggesting personal solutions and points of view to develop projects.
CT4 To be able to organize tasks and carry them out in an orderly fashion, making sound decisions according to logical priorities in the different processes of audiovisual production.
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