Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de CC. Sociais e da Comunicación
Grao en Comunicación Audiovisual
  Audiovisual narrative
Topic Sub-topic
1. The audiovisual story 1.1.Story
1.5.Point of view
2. The primitive mode of representation 2.1. Characteristics of the primitive mode of representation.
From showing to telling. Autarky, polycentrism, exteriority.
3. The institutional mode of representation 3.1. Classic narrative cinema
3.2. Writings on the margins
4. Responses to classical narrative 4.1. The historical avant-gardes
4.2. The German Expressionism
4.3. The Soviet avant-garde
5. The addition of sound 5.1. Transformations in film
5.2. The sound codes
5.3. The cinema of genre
6. The crisis of classical narrative 6.1.European narratives after World War II
6.2. Post-war Mannerism in Hollywood
6.3. The appearance of tv-movie and the narrative transformations
7. Post-classical writings 7.1. (Anti)narratives of modernity
7.2. The audiovisual narrative in post-modernity
7.3. The audiovisual story in the digital age
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