Educational guide 2019_20
Facultade de CC. Sociais e da Comunicación
Grao en Comunicación Audiovisual
  Radio Communication
Topic Sub-topic
I. Technician of Communication Radiofónica 1. Structure of the radio in Spain.
2. Models and juridical regime of the radio in Spain.
3. The electromagnetic spectrum
4. The control and the study of sound in the radio: table of mixes, microphones, grabadoras, material of sound and programs of grabación and edition: Zara
II. Brief history of the radio 1. History and evolution of the radio
2. Orson Welles And the War of the Worlds
3.- History of the radio in Spain
4. The first emisora Spanish
5. The Civil War and the radio.
III. Linguaxe And narrative radiofónica 1. The linguaxe and the style radiofónicos.
2.The vocalización, the dicción and the entonación in Radio
3. Characteristics of the communication radiofónica.
4. The elements of it linguaxe radiofónica
it) The word
b) The músico
c) The effects of sound
d) The silence
5. Characteristics of the editorial of the texts radiofónicos
IV. Production, Realization, Script and Programming

1.Technical radiofónicas: Production and realization
2. The guion radiofónico: characteristics.
2. Editorial of it guion. Councils of writing.
3. Expressive elements of the script
4. The skeleton of the script
5. Structure of the script
6. Norms of elaboración
7.- The script by type of programs
8. The commercial script in radio.
V. Script and journalistic genders in the radio 1. The script and the journalistic genders.
2. The news in radio and his characteristics
3. The chronicle
4. The reportaxe radiofónica
5. The interview radiofónica
6. The survey.

VI. Kinds of fiction and entertainment
1. The kinds of wireless fiction
2. The kinds of entertainment in the radio
a) The magacín
b) The specialized magazines
c) The musical programs
d) The programs of participation
e) The sports programs
f) The gatherings and debates

VII. The advertising in the radio
1. Wireless formats of the advertising
2. The reign of the jingle or sung wedge
3. Notes and necrological
4.-The control of the advertising contents in the radio.
VIII. The social functions of the Radio. 1. Approximation to the concept of Propaganda.
2. The word and the power along the history.
3. Ways of approaching the public.
4. The radio like political weapon
5. Wireless propaganda during the Cold War
6. The radio in the totalitarian rate.
IX. Radio and audio-visual Means. The companies of communication 1. The informative company
2. Nature of the company of communication
3. Structure of the company multimedia.
4. The audio-visual companies
5. Principal groups multimedia in Spain
6. The radio across the cinema
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