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Escola de Enxeñaría Forestal
Grao en Enxeñaría Forestal
  Final Year Dissertation
Subject Guide
Subject Final Year Dissertation Code P03G370V01991
Study programme
Grao en Enxeñaría Forestal
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
12 Mandatory 4th 2nd
Teaching language
General description The *TFG is a personal work that each student will realise of autonomous way under *tutorización educational, and has to allow him show of form integrated the acquisition of the formative contents and the competitions associated to the title.
In particular, it will have to contribute to the development of the following:
to) Capacity to develop the methodology of a project and formulate a plan of work
related with an or varied of the fields of present knowledge in the *Grao;
*b) Capacity to execute the work projected;

*c) Capacity to present and defend publicly the *TFG.

In no case it can be a work presented previously by the/the student in some matter of any one
another degree, although it can integrate or develop previous partial works facts in the activity of other matters of the degree.

The fact that the *TFG was a personal and individual work does not exclude that, to develop a proposal of *envergadura sufficient, can participate varied/the students, each the one who with a precise plot of the global task; this fact will be
authorised by the previous Academic Commission favourable report of the Coordinator of the
Module of the *TFG . In this case the *alumnado involved in an even work will share the person tutor and will have the same court of evaluation, whereas the presentation and defence and the evaluation will be individual
for each one of the parts.

The *TFG will be able to elaborate in institutions or external companies to the University of Vigo,
in which they establish in the institutional agreements signed. In whose case will exist the figure of a person *cotutora pertaining to the institution or company. The person academic tutor will share with the person *cotitora the tasks of direction and orientation of the/the student, and will be, in any case, responsibility of the academic tutor
facilitate the administrative management of the realisation and defence.

The student has right to the recognition of the *autoria of the *TFG elaborated and to the protection of his copyright. The titularity of the derivative rights will share with the *títores, with the *cotitores, the own University of Vigo and with the public
entities or deprived to which belong, in the planned conditions in the valid
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