Educational guide 2021_22
Escola de Enxeñaría Forestal
Grao en Enxeñaría Forestal
  Industrial organisation and processes in the wood industry
   Learning outcomes
Learning outcomes Competences
2R. 2018 Knowledge and understanding of the disciplines of engineering of the his speciality, to the necessary level to purchase the rest of the competitions of the qualifications, including notions of the last advances. 3R. 2018 Be conscious of the multidisciplinary context of the engineering. 4R. 2018 Capacity to analyze products, processes and complex systems in the his field of study; choose and apply analytical methods, of calculation and experimental relevantes of form relevante and interpret correctly the results of these analyses. 5R. 2018 Capacity to identify, formulate and resolve problems of engineering in the his speciality; choose and apply analytical methods, of calculation and experiments properly established; Recognize the importance of the social restrictions, of health and security, environmental, economic and industrial. 6R. 2018 Capacity to project, design and develop complex products (pieces, component, products finished, etc.), processes and systems of the his speciality, that fulfil the requirements established, including the knowledge of the social aspects, of health and environmental security, economic and industrial; as well as select and apply methods of appropriate project. 7R. 2018 Capacity of the project using any knowledges advanced of the his speciality in engineering. 8R. 2018 Capacity to realize bibliographic researches, consult and use databases and other sources of information with discretion, to realize @simulación and analysis with the objective to realize investigations on technical subjects of the his speciality. 9R. 2018 Capacity to consult and apply codes of good practices and security of the his speciality. 11R. 2018 Understanding of the techniques and methods of analysis, project and applicable investigation and his limitations within the scope of the his speciality. 12R. 2018 Capacity to resolve complex problems, realize complex projects of engineering and realize specific investigations stop his speciality. 13R. 2018 Knowledge of the application of materials, teams and tools, technological processes and of engineering and his limitations within the scope of the his speciality. 15R. 2018 Knowledge of the social implications, of health and security, environmental, economic and industrial of the practice in engineering. 16R. 2018 Ideas general on economic questions, organisational and of management (how management of projects, management of risks and change) in the industrial and entrepreneurial context. 18R. 2018 Capacity to manage activities or technical projects or complex professionals of the his speciality, assuming the responsibility of the takes of decisions. CG12
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