Educational guide 2018_19
Facultade de Ciencias da Educación e do Deporte
Máster Universitario en Dirección Integrada de Proxectos
  Xestión do Tempo do Proxecto
Code Description
CG1 Capacity of analysis and synthesis.
CG2 Capacity of Organisation and Planning
CG3 Capacity of Work in team
CG4 Capacity of research, analysis and selection of notable information
CG5 Capacity of utilisation and management of the information
CG6 Orientation to results
CG8 Capacity of communication and motivation
CG9 Capacity for the resolution of problems
CG10 Capacity for the taking of decisions
CG13 Capacity of leadership, dialogue and negotiation
CG15 Sensitivity to subjects of labour security, accessibility, sustainability and environment
CE1 Know act like representatives of the promoter of the project in all the fields of performance of the Director of Project or Project Manager.
CE2 Know initiate, schedule, direct, control and close Projects of Building and Territorial Development in the speciality of Building and Territorial Development
CE3 Know initiate, schedule, direct, control and close Projects of Leisure and Sport in the speciality of Leisure and sport
CE4 Know initiate, schedule, direct, control and close Projects of Systems of Information in the speciality of Systems of Information
CT1 Express properly, so much of oral form as written, in the official tongues of the autonomous community.
CT4 Assume like professional and citizen the importance of the learning along the life.
CT5 Value critically the knowledge, the technology and the available information to resolve the problems with which have to confront.
CT6 Understand the importance of the culture enterprising and know the means near at hand of the people enterprise.
CT7 Develop for the exercise of an open citizenship, literate, critical, committed, democratic and solidarity, able to analyse the reality, diagnose problems, formulate and implant solutions based in the knowledge and oriented to the very common.
CT8 Use the basic tools of the technologies of the information and the communications (TIC) necessary for the exercise of his profession and for the learning along his life.
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