Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de Ciencias da Educación e do Deporte
Grao en Ciencias da Actividade Física e do Deporte
  Gerontology and physical activity
   Contingency plan
In front of the uncertain and unpredictable evolution of the sanitary alert caused by the *COVID-19, the University of Vigo establishes an extraordinary planning that will activate in the moment in that the administrations and the own institution determine it attending to criteria of security, health and responsibility, and guaranteeing the teaching in a no face-to-face stage or partially face-to-face. These already scheduled measures guarantee, in the moment that was prescriptive, the development of the teaching of a more agile and effective way when being known in advance (or with a wide *antelación) by the students and the *profesorado through the tool normalised and institutionalised of the educational guides.

* educational Methodologies that keep
Lesson *magistral, work *tutelado and study of cases.

* Educational methodologies that modify
Practices of laboratory, will try adapt of individual way the contents to be made in the place where find the students.

* Mechanism no face-to-face of attention to the students (*tutorías)
will use the remote campus, the virtual dispatch 2721, via concertante email quotes previously.

* Modifications (if they proceed) of the contents to give
will keep the teaching through the remote campus and *Faitic.

* Additional bibliography to facilitate the car-learning
does not contemplate

* Other modifications
will be necessary to make delivery of recordings on the activities requested to the students.

* Test already made
Proof XX: [previous Weight 00%] [Weight Proposed 00%]

* Pending proofs that keep
Proof XX: [previous Weight 00%] [Weight Proposed 00%]

* Proofs that modify
[previous Proof] =&*gt; [new Proof]

* New test

* additional Information
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