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  Advanced fluid mechanics
  Description Qualification Training and Learning Results
Mentored work Evaluation task in which the student solves numerically a specific flow problem asigned by the professor. The student will analyse it and will resolve the problem using the numerical techniques. The work will be uploaded to the Moovi platform befor the oficial date of the exam 40 A2
Problem solving Relization of two examinations. These exams can include enclosed questions with different alternative of answer (true/false, multiple election, pairing of elements...), or the application of the knowledge to the resolution of specific problems of fluids, or the realisation of a work of numerical simulation nature. Each one of the examinatiions will have a weight of 30% on the final note of the subject. One of these two exams will take place in the oficial final exam date 60 A2
Other comments on the Evaluation

First opportunity evaluation:

To pass the subject in the 1st opportunity, the mark should be equal or greater than 5 points over 10 when averaging the marks of all the exams, works and the final mark of the exam carried out during the official exam date. 


The student has right to opt for a global examination in a unique exam. To opt for this, the student should follow the official procedure established by the school.


 Global Evaluation:

It will consist on a unique examduring the official date, that
includes all the contents of the subject, including the contents and
methods used in the cases of study. The marks obtained in  this exam should be equal or greater than 5 points over 10 in order to pass the subject


The exams calendar will be publish in the oficial web page of the school

Second opportunity evaluation:

The students will  take an exam taht include contents of all the subject, if the final note of the exams and works done durig the teaching period is lower that 5 points over 10. 


End of studies exam:

For the evaluation of end of studies exam, an exam during the oficial date set by the school will be taken by the students enrolled in this type of exams. The exam will include all contents. To pass the subject, the student must obtain a mark equal or greater than 5 over 10.

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