Guia docente 2023_24
Escuela de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio
Máster Universitario en Enxeñería Aeronáutica
  Design, calculation and certification of aircraft and space vehicles
   Expected results from this subject
Expected results from this subject Training and Learning Results
GO1. Aptitude to project, build, inspect, certify and keep all type of aircraft and space vehicles A1
GO5. Understanding and command of the mechanics of atmospheric flight (performances, stability, static and dynamic control), of the orbital mechanics and of the dynamics of attitude. A5
GO8. Knowledges and capacities for the analysis and structural design of the aircraft and space vehicles, including the application of programs of calculation and design advanced of structures A8
GO9. Capacity to design, execute and analyse the essays in earth and in flight of the aerospace vehicles, and to carry out a complete process of certification of the same. A9
GO10. Suitable knowledge of the distinct subsystems of the aircraft and space vehicles. A10
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