Educational guide 2020_21
E. S. de Enxeñaría Informática
Máster Universitario en Enxeñaría Informática
  Project managemente and Scheduling
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Seminars Mentoring and monitoring meetings, so face to face as online.
Mentored work Distinct activities in the classroom, oriented to the complete group or small groups. it will realize explained dissertations of the fundamental contents of the subject, and performs individual and group activities applying the concepts and problems exposed. The objective in the activities will be the acquisition of knowledges and its application in the professional and research fields of the computing. Also they will be able to include in these sessions activities of evaluation.
Laboratory practical Realization of practices, guided session of laboratory and seminars for resolution of problems in group under the supervision of the professor. It could include previous activities of the laboratory sessions and seminars that help the achievement of the proposed objectives. It will be promoted the activities focused on the development of projects, practical hypothesis and reports. Also it will be able to organize these activities for evaluation.
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