Educational guide 2020_21
E. S. de Enxeñaría Informática
Grao en Enxeñaría Informática
  Operating systems 2
Topic Sub-topic
UNIT I: Introduction to system installation and setup 1.1. Installation and configuration of GNU Linux
1.2. User management
1.3. Superuser
1.4. Storage, partitions, filesystems and file management
1.5. Process management
1.6. The computer boot process
UNIT II: System programming 2.1. Bash Scripting
2.2. Incoming data stremas management
UNIT III: System configuration, kernel and hardware devices 3.1. Kernel architecture. Compiling a new kernel
3.2. Drivers
3.3. Diagnosis and monitoring with logs and syslog
3.4. Resources monitoring and management
UNIT IV: Network services administration and configuration 4.1. Network super-daemon services: inetd, xinetd
4.2. Domian Name services
4.3. Web services, configuration of LAMP servers
4.4. E-mail services
4.5. Network filesystem services
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