Guia docente 2021_22
Facultad de Educación y Trabajo Social
Grado en Educación Social
  Consumption and cultural identity sociology
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Mentored work The students will develop exercises or projects in the classroom under the guidelines and supervision of the teacher. It can be linked to its development with autonomous activities of the student.
Debate Open talk between a group of students. It can focus on a topic of the contents of the subject, on the analysis of a case, on the result of a project, exercise or problem previously developed in a master session ...
Presentation Presentation by the students before the teacher and / or a group of students of a topic on the contents of the subject or of the results of a work, exercise, project; It can be carried out individually or in a group.
Lecturing Presentation by the teacher of the contents on the subject under study, theoretical bases and / or guidelines of a work, exercise or project to be developed by the student.
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