Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de Ciencias Empresariais e Turismo
Grao en Administración e Dirección de Empresas
  Statistical operational techniques
Code Description
CG1 Ability to analyse and synthesise
CG2 Critical and self-critical thinking
CG13 Capacity for learning and independent work
CG14 Capacity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in a specialised academic context
CE7 Acquire and understand knowledge regarding: The main instrumental techniques applied to the business context
CE9 Identify the generalities of the economic problems posed in companies, and know how to apply the main instruments available in order to address these problems
CE10 Assess the situation and foreseeable evolution of a company based on the relevant information records
CE12 Solve problems effectively and make decisions using the appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods, including the identification, expression and solution of business problems
CE16 Skills in looking for, identifying and interpreting sources of relevant economic information
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