Guia docente 2019_20
Facultad de Ciencias
Máster Universitario en Ciencia e Tecnoloxía Agroalimentaria e Ambiental
  Production of Basic Components from Lignocellulosic Waste
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Laboratory practical Laboratory experiments related with fractionation of lignocellulosic materials, chemical
characterization of obtained fractions, production of levulinic acid by acid hydrolysis, and
production of furfural in a biphasic system. These part is complemented with familiarization in
analysis methodologies.
Presentation The supervised work made by the student will be presented in the classroom to the teacher and
Evaluation will consider organization of the information and domain of the exposed subject.
Additionally the answers to the questions posed by the teacher and classmates will be considered,
and participation as listener, according to the comments and questions raised in the classmates'
Seminars Related with "Laboratory Practice" methodology, scheduled seminars address to perform analysis of
the obtained experimental data. More specifically, applying material balances to the studied
processes, implementing the kinetic modeling for acid hydrolysis of sugars in a spreadsheet, or offline integration of different chromatograms.
Lecturing Presentation at classroom of the fundamentals of the subject, using audiovisual methods and, in
some cases, making basic experiments requiring little material and low-tech.
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